JobStrap is a non-profit organization that:

  1. Funds a substantial part of its operations through JobStrap Workforce SM by generating revenue from recruiting and employment services that are offered to employers and job hunters.
  2. (a) Delivers sustaining income to self-funding entrepreneurs "bootstrappers" accepted into the JobStrap Self-Fund Program by delivering contract work opportunities that pay 90%-100% of the negotiated market rate [Note: standard industry practice is for an agency keep 40%-60% and payout the remainder to the contract worker].

    (b) Obtains and optimizes work contracts to meet the unique financial and time constraints of bootstrappers.

    (c) Provides health insurance.
  3. Creates an accountability structure for bootstrappers that accelerates the maturation of their startup; delivers startup milestones reliably and with velocity; and dramatically increases the rate of market successes.
  4.  Is an advocate in both public and private sectors to: build awareness of the economic development benefits of bootstrapping, to remove employment barriers, and to dissipate the stigma and perceived risk associated with hiring bootstrappers.

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